More than fifty local and international artists will be represented at ARTCHO in 2019, all with a strong connection to Charlottesville and central Virginia. Here are our ARTCHO artists. The deadline for applications has passed for 2019. If you missed the deadline, e-mail to be put on the list for 2020.

katie connor

Katie was raised in Charlottesville and educated at VCU. She is currently living and working in Paris. Her drawings, laser engravings, and prints consist of delicate points and strong structural components. Her strong design is evident in the ARTCHO logo and marketing materials. We thank her for her donation of time and creativity. ARTCHO 2017, 2018, 2019.

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Ken Nagakui

Ken is a self-taught Japanese artist who creates wood fired stoneware using local clay. His ceramics play on themes of earth and nature. He is a featured teacher in our workshops. Come take a lesson from him. You can see more of his pottery on display for sale inside North American Sake Brewery at the IX Art Park.

Interview with Ken



Hobby Parent is an Intentional Creativity artist, teacher and coach who lives in view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, an inspiration for color, form and texture in her creations. She works in acrylics, watercolor, mixed media, and graphic design. In her studio, Hobby blends the craft of spiritual journey, sacred mark making, and intuitive art in the pursuit of expressing healing and transformational images for women and all people. “The intention for my art and paintings is to inspire and uplift those who view my work, challenging them to see beyond what is visible to the eye, connecting with their heart. I make marks, choose colors, intuitively expressing what arrives through a portal of visioning and art journaling as I connect with the canvas and paint. The ability to make art, teach, coach and use creativity to inspire and heal is a great privilege.” ARTCHO 2018




Lori Jakubow is a painter and printmaker who extends her bold color and expressive style into unique designs and textile accessories. From her original paintings and monotypes, Lori prints her images onto fabric, creating fresh, art applications and hand sewn products for you and your home. Lori is a certified Virginia SWaM business, small and women owned and a working member artist at C'Ville Arts, A Cooperative Gallery. ARTCHO 2017, 2018, 2019.



Erin Plewes

“I take photos of original poetry, quotes and affirmations in nature. My inspirational artwork is meant to bring you strength, joy and peace. These pieces are great as gift ideas and home decor. My hope is that these words will reach you or someone you care for when they are needed most.” ARTCHO 2018, 2019.



Paige Speight

Paige paints unusual portraits of the lives and stories that intersect her own, drawing particular inspiration from moments of unexpected vulnerability. Working with wet-on-wet oils she builds thick paintings: flawed and emotive.

Paige’s most recent solo exhibitions include Bright at The Hive, Charlottesville, VA, and close Close at Reason Beer, Charlottesville, VA. She also exhibited at Before the Ballet, exhibition in collaboration with the Charlottesville Ballet. ARTCHO 2018.



Laura Aldridge

Laura is a watercolor artist, always chasing inspiration in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she resides. Her work reduces the natural landscape to a series of lines, shapes, and layers, depicting a very stripped-down, simplified version of the landscape. She exaggerates the colors she finds in nature, striking a unique balance between observation and imagination with each piece. Most recently, Laura welcomed a baby boy into her family, and now all painting takes place during nap time! You can find her mural on the IX Park plaza. Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival, Crozet, VA, October 2018, True Brew Cafe, Concord, NH, Ongoing (2017-present), Epsom Public Library, Epsom, NH, January-March 2019. ARTCHO 2018, 2019.

Eileen butler

Co-Founder of ARTCHO and former art instructor, her work consists of bold interpretations of nature. Her personal art includes colorful mosaic, pastel, mixed media drawing, and acrylic painting. Her brand, Issima, looks at the ordinary and colors it to inspire your eye with original paintings, drawings, outdoor and home decor items. The works in her shop are derived from nature and her experiences in nature. Eileen uses layers and textures that appeal to the touch as well as to your eye. Her palette runs the rainbow, but veers away from the dark.

“My love of architecture found me designing my own homes, installing mosaics and tile throughout, creating furniture, both new and ‘lost’ furniture. My influences are David Hockney, Rembrandt, and Janet Fish. I have been inspired by the students I have taught over a forty year art education career.”

Eileen has exhibited her mosaics and paintings in New York, and locally at Angelo, Ix Gallery, Firefish Gallery Member, UVA, PVCC, and MLK PAC. Her work has been published in the University of Virginia’s Iris Magazine. Eileen has received many grants, including several from the Virginia Commission Of Fine Arts. She will be selling mosaic mirrors, original drawings, collage and paintings.



Julia Lesnichy

“I am a professional plein air oil and pastel artist working for more than 20 years. I paint local landscapes of Virginia, outdoor and indoor floral still life and figurative art which is mostly farm animals. I am a member of AIS, PSA, Signature member of Northwestern pastel society and Pastel Society of South East.” Julia has exhibited locally throughout Charlottesville and Albemarle County.



LESLIE Greiner

Leslie's career as an artist began in college while studying scenic design at Davidson College. This craft allowed her to imagine and then create the visual elements of a story, while also learning techniques of building and painting. She teaches middle school theatre and science as well as raising a family. Painting is a passion of hers. She loves to take pictures of her garden, reproduce them on canvas or dabble with mixed media to create art for children. Her paintings are colorful and vibrant, and bring out the beauty and humor that nature is asking us to see.



Norma Geddes

After 50 years working in health care, Norma Geddes discovered stained and fused glass art. She is a designated Artisan of Virginia and her work is featured in Virginia Galleries in Charlottesville, Richmond, Gloucester, and Yorktown. In the past year she was invited to have a trunk show at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, and to be a wholesale vendor at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Garden Shop. Window Artist , C'Ville CoOp Gallery, May 2019, Trunk Show VMFA, October 2018
Unitarian Gallery, Richmond Va, September 2018, ARTCHO 2019.

Sigrid Eilertson

Sigrid works throughout the Charlottesville Community to bring art to everyone. Her motto, "I heart making art!" is contagious. She wants to give back to the community! Former gallery owner of Firefish Gallery, Charlottesville, VA. Latest escapade: Pussy Grabs Back, Planned Parenthood Fundraiser & Exhibit 2017. ARTCHO 2017, 2018, 2019.

Sigrid will be teaching mask making at our workshop. Be sure to get there early!

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Deborah Rose Guterbock

She earned her BFA in Painting from George Mason University in 2010 and was an inaugural member of the McGuffey Art Center's incubator program. She enjoys selling her paintings and jewelry at local craft shows with her two little ones. Rose’s recent exhibitions include Teeny Tiny Trifecta group exhibition, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA, September 2018, Little Made Market, Staunton, VA, May 2018 and Blue Ridge Beltane, Waynesboro, VA, May 2018. ARTCHO 2018, 2019.



Susan Shrum

Susan’s most recent exhibit was at Atlas Coffee all of September 2018. She tells us, “I love art. I'm happiest when I'm teaching art, or working on an art project. I specialize in animal portraits, but enjoy any art medium. I use acrylics, watercolors, mixed media, multimedia and collage.” ARTCHO 2018.



Michael Geisert

Michael was last seen at River Oaks Arts Center’s 4th Annual Dirty South Cup Call in April and May, 2018. He’s also shown recently at Pewabic Ceramics, On the Rocks in 2018 and District Clay Center, Beer Drinking Vessels, 2017. He also draws and cycles when he can. ARTCHO 2018, 2019.



Christine Zmuda

Christine Zmuda is an abstract expressionism and intuitive painter. Largely self-taught, Christine uses acrylic paint, charcoal, and oil sticks to put on canvas what she feels through music. Playing music and painting are symbiotic and interdependent to her painting process. Influences include abstract painters like Basquiat, Jackson Pollack, and Hiroshi Matsumoto. Christine seeks explore color combinations and forms that intrigue the senses and reveal something unexpected. This approach is thematic in in her personal life.

Christine has been a painting professionally for less than a year and participated in her first group exhibit in July at the SK Artspace. Her work has shown at Future is Female 2018 at SKArtSpace Brooklyn NY, and That's How Strong My Love Is in September 2018, at the Fridge, Washington DC. ARTCHO 2018.



Whitney Pope

I have always enjoyed creating and making but it was just a few years ago that I started experimenting with resin and botanicals. The beauty of nature is so intricate and lovely, I am honored to preserve and highlight these details in a form that can be worn and enjoyed for years to come. Renegade, Brooklyn NY/ Markets for Makers, Nashville TN/Crafted, Norfolk, VA, ARTCHO 2019.


Gincy Carrington Plummer

Her exhibitions include: Leftover Luxuries, December 2017, Park City Artist Association group show, 2017, Whole Foods Artist of the Month, April 2017. Gincy says, “I paint and use multi-media to respond to the natural world and to the human connection. My art is a celebration of my experience as a human wonderstruck by my planet.” ARTCHO 2018.


Kristin Thornsvard

Like much of her artwork that features carnivals and circus freaks, Kristin’s imagination is equal parts disturbing and mesmerizing. There is no taming the spirits in her head, so she unleashes them in mixed media, layer upon layer on wood, paper, plaster, and canvas, until she’s exhausted each idea. A self-taught artist who has been creating since childhood, Kristin uses art to express her unique aesthetic and as a therapeutic outlet to process physical and emotional traumas. Exhibitions include Femmes, Flora, Fauna: A Mixed Media Exploration in Fantasy, July 2017; Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church & Buck Mountain Episcopal Church, December 2017; Under the Big Top, May 2013 Firefish Gallery, Charlottesville, VA. ARTCHO 2018.

Kristin will be returning in 2019 as a workshop teacher. Come take a painting class with her!



Madeleine Watkins

Madeleine is a studio member at City Clay in Charlottesville. “I grew up in Cheshire, England, but have lived in Charlottesville for more than thirty years. Since learning painting, printmaking and pottery in local classes I have worked in a variety of media including oil and water-color painting, collage with handmade papers and linocut printing, as well as ceramics. My work is mostly abstract, or semi-abstract. Presently my main focus is simple, functional ceramics, mostly brightly colored vessels such as bowls, vases and mugs.” Madeleine has exhibited at Holiday Craftacular, December 2018, 2017 and 2016; Whitehall Vineyard Art Fest, October 2017 and Northside Library, October 2017, ARTCHO 2018, 2019.



Kristen Woolard

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Kristen Woolard is a recent graduate from James Madison University with a degree in Fine Arts. In her art studies, Kristen discovered a passion for jewelry making and developed an advanced level of metal fabrication skills. She loves to make custom jewelry for others and works mainly with sterling silver and natural gemstones. Many of the cabochans in her jewelry were mined locally or purchased from local vendors. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in Higher Education Administration at the University of Virginia.

Recent shows include Conquests in Fragility, Harrisonburg, VA, solo show, April 2018; ArtWorks 2018 juried exhibition, Harrisonburg, VA, group show, April 2018; RISING at Arts Council of the Valley, Harrisonburg, VA, group show, March 2018, ARTCHO 2018.



Christina Osheim

Can useful clay be sculptural? Can a cup be more than its function? Can a vase create a surreal space? How do sculptural ideas translate into functional clay? These questions are the backbone of Möbius Keramikk. “I put the idea of ceramics and
utility through the lens of my curiosity and imagination and create.” Louis Sullivan stated that "form follows function." I have adapted that to: “color and line follow form.”

Christina showed at NY NOW Javitz Center in August, 2018, at the West Elm D.C. POP Up in July, 2018, and at the American Craft Council in St. Paul, Minnesota, April 2018, ARTCHO 2018.



Jessie Meehan

I paint for thought exploration, conflict resolution, mind organization and because it's what I most love to do. I study shape, texture and light, in nature and in the mind. The rhythms of the universe and the shapes and colors of emotion keep me forever searching. My vision sees connections, which tell stories and I pass those on with paint. Although often abstract, my goal is to pass these along in a way that the subconscious understands, connecting with the memory parts of the brain, creating a new story or conjuring an old one for the viewer. I also very often paint just because it’s fun! I am a self-taught, full time acrylic painter, originally from Evergreen Park, IL, now living in Esmont, VA. I have shown work at the following local locations: Firefish Gallery, 2013, Brazos, IX Art Park, 2019, Sweethaus, IX Art Park, 2018, Java Java, Charlottesville, 2016 and ARTCHO, 2019.


 Aileen Morse

Aileen has been creating up-cycled arts and crafts for a number of years, turning vintage and recycled items into beautiful and useful everyday objects. She is a permanent artist at Gallery 527 in Scottsville, VA. This is her first ARTCHO.


Amy Huml

Amy crafts handmade jewelry using a variety of mixed metals, natural and semiprecious stones and techniques including wire wrapping, hammering and soldering. She loves incorporating unusual and vibrant stones in her pieces. She ably organizes Cville Craftacular around Charlottesville in places like the Tom-Tom Festival & Charlottesville City Market. She has been a reserved vendor for Arts in the Park, Richmond, VA. 2019 is her first ARTCHO.

Kate Loomis

Each piece I conceive is not purely from imagination, but inspired by my travels. I am drawn to handmade wearable art mementos that remind me of objects, places, and the memorable times experienced on my journeys. In metal clay, I found my creative spirit blossom, and it has become the method I use to create pieces that have unique textures, hand cut cabochons with interesting patterns, or colorful stones. A passion to produce one-of-a-kind pieces was married with my love of nature and travel. Each of my pieces connects with the individuals who wear them because, just like people, EVERYONE has a story. Neptune Festival, VA Beach, September 2019, 43rd Street Art Festival, Richmond, VA, September 2019, Spotsy Art Festival, Spotsylvania, VA, August 2019, ARTCHO 2019.



Scallop Supply Co. specializes in skillfully hand-crafted bags and accessories, proudly made in the USA. Maxime is a VCU-alumni fashion designer working with canvas and leather. She also loves re-purposed Lily Pulitzer and other colorful fabrics. Her nautical influences are deep rooted in her family history of sailors & the sea. She participates in markets up and down the east coast & ARTCHO 2017, 2018, 2019.


Erin M. O’Keefe

“I am a mixed-media abstract artist, paper maker, and printmaker. Most of my compositions are created on paper I have made by hand in the studio out of different fibers and dyes. I incorporate thread, adhesive pastes, ink, and collage elements into my work while utilizing wood and linoleum block prints. While my techniques are often craft-heavy and labor intensive, my palette is pared down in order to compliment the delicate intricacies of the paper. By allowing the material to guide my practice, the resulting work remains grounded and close its origins. Because my work on paper is based heavily on my own intuition and my experiences in nature, I like to think that each piece is situated somewhere between the material world and that of the ether.” Exhibitions include Horizon solo thesis exhibition in Ruffin Gallery at UVA, 2018;
Ghosts and Artifacts solo show at Writerhouse, 2017 and Midnight Companions solo show at Writerhouse, 2017. ARTCHO 2017 & 2018.


Polly Wolfe

I see my work as a visual, tactile representation of connections. My pots become the connection between the envisioning process, the emotional and the technical learning I experience in making each large, small, simple or complicated piece. When making pottery I feel connected both to the contemporary artisans and those throughout the ages who crafted objects for people to use. I feel connected to the basic elements of earth, water and fire, that work together to complete the object. And I feel connected to the future experiences of each piece as I imagine it being used to hold the warmth of morning coffee, or to become part of family and friend celebrations large and small. These connections may take the form of a piece of clay formed into a useful or decorative object. But my vision is that they each are part of my very human links to the world.

Exhibitions include: Blue Ridge Potters Guild Fall Show, Roanoke, VA, October 2018; pitchers, tumblers and bowls, City Clay, ongoing and pop-up shows; Blue Ridge Potters Guild fall show, Roanoke, VA, October 2017; Sisters, A Two Woman Exhibition, City Clay, Charlottesville, VA, May 2016. ARTCHO 2017, 2018.

Contact Polly


“My grandfather used to take me to look for lightwood pine knots, which are abounding in resin and used for kindling fires. ‘lightwood,’ also known as ‘fatwood,’ is formed as the sap settles into the hardwood of the pine tree that has fallen onto the forest floor due to weather and the end of its lifecycle. The sap will become hard and rot resistant over time, with stumps and joints where limbs intersect the trunk, being the primary source of accumulated resin, often forming chaotic patterns caused by a plethora of events such as storms drought overlapping limbs, etc. Now, 70 years later, as I stroll through the woods behind my house, I pick up an interesting wood fragment. Whittling with my pocket knife, I rediscover that unmistakable aroma and amber hues of lightwood. Further prodding into the piece reveals the uniqueness of resin trails that I never imagined before.”

Frank is a retired engineer living in Albemarle County, Virginia with his wife, Wallace. After receiving his BCE and MCE from the University of Virginia, he spent 26 years as a research engineer before owning and operating a tent and event company along with the design and building of custom homes. ARTCHO 2018.

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Camille Gerrick

My artwork is heavily inspired by nature – from the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains and starry nights in Charlottesville, to the tropical foliage and sunny days of my childhood home in Florida. Above all, the rainbow holds a special significance for me as a symbol of hope and love.
I incorporate my love of color to create whimsical landscapes, energetic abstracts, and hand-lettered inspirations. My choice of bright colors reflects my personal desire to cultivate a positive mindset and optimistic outlook on life. I have an endless curiosity and enjoy experimenting with new techniques and processes.
I believe that artwork should be affordable, which drives my focus on small originals in standard sizes that are ready to be framed and displayed by collectors. I use archival-quality materials to ensure my work remains vibrant for its lifetime. ARTCHO 2018, 2019.


Wolfgang Hermann

My painting process transforms everyday experiences and interactions into color and form. I begin this process by journaling, and then follow the impulse to draw and paint with a particular medium, whether it be watercolor, oil crayons, or colored pencils. The impressions of the day then mix with formal considerations and technical adjustments. The interaction between intuitive free-flow and formal structure is essential and brings me to a vibrant, vital state of creation. My intention is to transport the viewer back to places that they may not remember, but that they have been to before—a sense of uncertainty in the images opens the imagination to memories and awakens deeper layers of past experience. July/August 2019 Top Knot Studio, Sept-July 2019 Cafe at PVCC, August 2017 NPR Studio Water St., ARTCHO 2019.



Rebecca Razul

I make functional ceramics emblazoned with adorable and colorful animals. Rebecca has shown previously with Craft Cville-at Early Mountain Vineyards and Starr Hill in 2019, Art in the Park- Richmond 2019 and ARTCHO 2019.



Icka Cantilo

Square of the Bone is original unique jewelry designs. Each design is cut completely by hand using a jewelers’ saw, fabricated, formed, and textured. I heavily reference biology and natural sciences with textures, patterns and motifs. Using sterling silver, rose gold, 14k yellow gold and nickel free copper sourced from foundries specializing in recycled precious metals. Because of my quirky sense of humor my work rides the line of peculiarity while also being dainty and precious. But most important I create my jewelry to be highly expressive for a wide range of aesthetics. My work has been shown at Stockley Gardens - Norfolk, VA. Oct.2018, Art on the Avenue - Alexandria, VA. 2018, Pandemic @ the Valentine Museum - Richmond, VA. April-current, ARTCHO 2019.


Carol Barber

My work is about process and discovery. It is mixed media painting, drawing and collage on paper and canvas. I strive for painted and drawn gesture pitched against hard edged geometry. I love the poetic balance and relationship of the elements in communication within the composition confines. Play and spontaneous discovery that the process of collage has brought into my practice opens new possibilities. I love the bold statement that geometry brings to a composition but I also want gesture. I want to show that this human was here and leave my mark. ARTCHO 2019.


Virginia Greene

In my work, I seek a personal return to an ancient reverence for nature, by illuminating the loveliness of things that frequently go unobserved in our busy, increasingly digital lives. Much of my past work has featured birds, but more and more recently, I see other, less ostentatious creatures creep into my art alongside them. Fungi, moss, weeds, lichens, insects, larvae—all common and brief and unremarkable, except in that they infuse the world around us with green texture, in contrast with the brilliant colors of feathers. Through a number of media, including watercolor, gouache and graphite, I offer a moment of textured peace, and seek to stir a memory in the viewer—of a time when they were able to be slow, and still, and feel affection and wonder for small beautiful lives. Virginia Discovery Museum, Charlottesville, VA, January - May 2019, Teeny Tiny Trifecta, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA, August - September 2018, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, November - December 2017, ARTCHO 2019 as artist and workshop leader.


Sheri Reeves

Sheri Reeves is a self-taught Paper Relief Artist. She enjoys creating art that is planned and precise. She cuts layers upon layers of special paper to create inward 3-dimensional works of art. Sheri uses a variety of X-acto knives to create her intricate and calculated relief. It may take her 10 to 20 hours to complete one piece, as this is a multi-step creative process. She carefully designs, draws, cuts, paints, glues, and then finally presents in a picture frame or shadow box. Her pieces can range from 5 to 20 layers of colored card stock or hand painted Bristol board. Sheri feels a certain satisfaction in holding the relief knives and cutting those perfect lines. Creating relief is a type of therapy for Sheri. It has a calming and healing effect and is a necessary part of her life. ARTCHO 2019 is her first show.



Gina Sobel

Island of Small Things is fun, fresh jewelry. I collect cool tchotchkes, pressings, knick knacks, gems and stones when I'm on tour as a musician and then build them into jewelry when I get home. The LOST motto is: fresh jewelry for cool people, cool jewelry for fresh people. Gina is a musician and artist, participating as both at ARTCHO 2017 & 2019.



Joshua Yurges

I enjoy using materials that have a history. That have had a previous life already. By combining modern practices with these materials the work ends up having a timeless appeal. I am relatively new to the area and would like to get to know and be a part of the art community in Charlottesville. Fall Foliage Art Festival, Waynesboro, 2019, Blue Mountain Coffee, Staunton, 2018, Corey Daniels Gallery, Wells, Maine, 2015, ARTCHO, 2019.



Susan McCulley

Susan is an artist, author, illustrator and teacher. She creates mixed media art combined with words to invite delight and insight, and inspire creative connection. Her simple, playful illustrations encourage mindfulness, curiosity and appreciation for everyday wonders.
Her first book, Buddha Cat: Learning Awareness, Presence & Self-Care from a Teacher Who Sometimes Barfs on the Bed, was published in 2018 and is a humorous reminder of priorities and perspective. She wrote it when the world felt crazy and frightening, as a reminder to herself (and everyone) that skillful sanity is often sitting in our lap. The collection of two dozen color illustrations of Phoenix the Buddha Cat and her antics is a refreshing, insightful look at mindfulness and what’s really important. Her second book, Octabusy: How To Let Go in the Sea of Doing, published, October 2019, a playful fable, is a hand-made, mixed media collage that reminds readers of all ages to practice being, in their doing, and sometimes, to have the mindful discipline to do nothing. Cville Arts ~ ongoing since November 2018, New Dominion Bookshop ~November 2018, Hot Yoga Charlottesville ~ October 2018, ARTCHO 2019.



Flame Bilyue

Flame Bilyue creates her two- and three-dimensional art using water color, acrylics, colored pencils and pastels. Flame paints on canvas, board and on her own handmade “sculpted paper” – paper she recycles from office and art scraps, or even junk mail. Cville Arts - member for 12 years, Virginia Women's Music Festival, Kents Store, VA, May, 2019 (11th year), Marscon, Williamsburg, VA, January, 2019 (2nd year), ARTCHO 2017, 2019.



Sarah Wiener

I am an elementary school counselor by day and jewelry designer by night! I combine my passion for education with creativity by donating 10% of proceeds to local public schools - "beads supporting kids to read and succeed." I create handcrafted beaded jewelry - necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Each piece is a unique, handmade item. I use various types of beads and wire to form quality jewelry pieces that will make long-lasting positive impressions, just as I hope to instill in the young students I work with! I have shown at Albemarle Farmers Market at Hollymead Town Center, 2019, Bridgefest at Bridge Christian Church, 2019, ARTCHO, 2019.



Linda Libertucci

I have a BFA in Dance & Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University and now I am self-taught Abstract Artist. I've been painting and drawing since 2001 and I am all about COLOR, DESIGN, and TEXTURE. For me, Abstraction allows for the ultimate freedom to look inside myself and really discover who I am. It is a window of opportunity to explore my inner being and make connections with people and the world around me. I am an experimental artist and believe in a free flow creative process. My methods are whimsical and improvisational and I create with an open mind for endless possibilities. I use little planning or foresight as I manipulate the paint on my canvas. The painting tells me where to go and how to tell its story. I hope my work inspires others to reflect what's deep within and to discover unbound love, passion, and freedom. My very first art installation will be this Oct. 1 thru Nov. 30 at The Urban Farmhouse in Midlothian, VA, ARTCHO 2019.



McGuffey Art Center

The Gallery Shop at McGuffey Art Center features art made by its members. One of a kind pieces ranging from cards, prints, paintings, ceramics and jewelry, all wonderful pieces to collect and give as gifts. Featured artists, Susan Northington, Charlene Cross, Giselle Gautreau, Logan, MvConaughey, Michelle Geiger, Janine Reagan, Robin Braun. ARTCHO 2019.



Nan Dix

Artistic Origin is a handcrafted jewelry business founded by Nan Dix in 2011. She and her team of makers specialize in the creation of pearl and gemstone jewelry for everyday wear with a focus on hand knotting, color, and natural components. Charlottesville City Market, Charlottesville VA, 2019, Spring Shoppe, The Inn at Willow Grove, Orange VA, 2019, Crozet Arts and Crafts, Crozet VA, 2019, ARTCHO 2019.



Shawn Fleming

The Woodman's Design re-purposes locally sourced wine barrels from Albemarle County and hand crafts the wood into furniture and furnishings. You’ve seen Shawn at the Charlottesville Holiday Market, 2018, Occoquan Arts and Crafts Show, 2019. Richmond Arts in the Park, 2018 and ARTCHO 2019. Contact Shawn


Jennifer Van Ormon

Artist, writer, and owner of Boxcar Though Fox. Collector and seller of ephemeral dregs of our impractical and unmanageable lives, and other things to make you smile. In addition to painting and printmaking, I have an arts and history blog called The Anatomy of Melancholy. I draw cartoons of a kitten named Christopher. Portland, Maine Black Frame Art Sale, 2010, Art In the Park 2010, Portland, Maine Arts, Solo Book Arts Show, USM, 2011, ARTCHO 2019.