Forty local and international artists will be represented at ARTCHO in 2018, all with a strong connection to Charlottesville and central Virginia. We're now accepting applications for 2018 artists, learn more here! Our 2017 artists are listed below - many of them will be returning for 2018. Get to know some of the artists and check out images of their work here.

katie connor

Katie was raised in Charlottesville and educated at VCU. She is currently living and working in Paris. Her drawings, laser engravings, and prints consist of delicate points and strong structural components. 

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Ken Nagakui

Ken is a self-taught artist who creates wood fired stoneware using local clay. His ceramics play on themes of earthiness and nature.

Interview with Ken



Hobby Parent is an Intentional Creativity artist, teacher and coach who lives in view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, an inspiration for color, form and texture in her creations. She works in acrylics, watercolor, mixed media, and graphic design. In her studio, Hobby blends the craft of spiritual journey, sacred mark making, and intuitive art in the pursuit of expressing healing and transformational images for women and all people. “The intention for my art and paintings is to inspire and uplift those who view my work, challenging them to see beyond what is visible to the eye, connecting with their heart. I make marks, choose colors, intuitively expressing what arrives through a portal of visioning and art journaling as I connect with the canvas and paint. The ability to make art, teach, coach and use creativity to inspire and heal is a great privilege.”




Lori Jakubow is a painter and printmaker who extends her bold color and expressive style into unique designs and textile accessories. From her original paintings and monotypes, Lori prints her images onto fabric, creating fresh, art applications and hand sewn products for you and your home. Lori is a certified Virginia SWaM business, small and women owned and a working member artist at C'Ville Arts, A Cooperative Gallery.


Eileen butler

Co-Founder of ARTCHO and former Art Instructor, her work is colorful interpretations found in nature. She will be selling mosaic mirrors, collage and paintings.



Susan Clawson

Susan has been working in textiles since childhood.  She says, "I feel very happy when someone is delighted by anything I have created. Life is short.......we all need to feel more wonder and awe in the creations we make or see others make." See her appliques extraordinaire and warm woolens for fall.



Leslie's career as an artist began in college while studying scenic design at Davidson College. This craft allowed her to imagine and then create the visual elements of a story, while also learning techniques of building and painting. She teaches middle school theatre and science as well as raising a family. Painting is a passion of hers. She loves to take pictures of her garden, reproduce them on canvas or dabble with mixed media to create art for children. Her paintings are colorful and vibrant, and bring out the beauty and humor that nature is asking us to see.


Sigrid Eilertson

Co-Founder of ARTCHO and former gallery owner of Firefish Gallery, Sigrid works throughout the Charlottesville Community to bring art to everyone. Her motto, "I heart making art!" is contagious. She wants to give back to the community! Latest escapade: Pussy Grabs Back- Planned Parenthood Fundraiser & Exhibit 2017.

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Holly Allen

Holly loves sewing and crafting. “It's satisfying to me that new buyers like my Java Bags, and repeat buyers tell me how much they use and enjoy their Java Bags.” You’ve seen her at Art in the Park in Staunton at Gypsy Hill Park, Crozet Arts & Crafts Fair and the Powhatan Fiber Festival.

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cary oliva

Cary is really excited to be able to exhibit her work in a setting like this in the town she lives in. She feels that helping a great non-profit and getting the opportunity to expose people to her fine art is important. Come get your own piece of peace.

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Chicho came from Spain ten years ago and has been sharing art around Charlottesville in many ways. You might catch him painting murals with the students from local schools, coordinating the IX Art Park and BON Café, or painting his own visions on the walls of private and public spaces. You can view his work on Facebook, on, or by just walking around Charlottesville.


Maxime is a VCU grad, fashion designer working with canvas and leather. She also loves re-purposed Lily Pulitzer and other colorful fabrics. Her nautical influences are deep rooted in her family history. When you see her bags and bows, you will NEED them!



brian lewandowski

Welcome new C'Ville resident, with humor and talent. Brian says, "I moved to C'ville in the last year and am looking to finally get out there and share my work with the art community and make friends etc! Come makes friends with an awesome photographer!




Flame Bilyue’s paintings are two and three dimensional images created with water color, acrylics, colored pencils and pastels. They are painted on canvas, paper or a technique she calls sculpted paper, which has recently inspired jewelry, masks, mirrors and bowls. This “Sculpted Paper," is made from office paper, art scraps and other natural fibers. These are soaked, blended and turned into a pulp, shaped, painted, dried and sealed with clear acrylic or resin.

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