We are a group of professional artists, art educators and local business people with a common idea: that art is good for the community.

The strength of our organization lies its diversity, imagination, and ability to bring together various local groups for our annual art festival.


Skip Platt

Skip is a local business owner with deep roots in central Virginia. In 2005 Skip started Platt Financial, offering a variety of insurance and financial services to Charlottesville's residents. He works with ARTCHO to help bring Charlottesville's business and art communities closer together.


Eileen butler

Eileen is an artist and a veteran art teacher of forty years. She’s naturally drawn to the outdoors and the natural world in her life and art. Her adventures in teaching diverse students, art making, and raising three daughters have given her avenues for bringing people new visions and experiences. ARTCHO is an extension of her wishes for a more sensitive and aware community.


Lesley Bradley

As assistant to Skip Platt, Lesley is used to going the extra mile to make sure clients’ needs are met.  She does the same in order for ARTCHO to be a successful event and give folks something to look forward to attending every year.


Sigrid Eilertson

Sigirid is an artist and art therapist, with a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from Marylhurst University and Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from College of Charleston. She is the former owner of Firefish Gallery. She enjoys doing large mixed media paintings and mask making, and is currently working on a children's book based on her surrealistic mixed media portraits of animals and goddesses.


Mark watson

Mark has lived in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area for 30 years and has been deeply involved in the community. As a Landscape Architect and Urban Planner, he has served as the Chair of the Charlottesville PLACE Design Task Force and on numerous other boards and committees. He is an ardent supporter of Charlottesville’s arts, music and design communities and is looking forward to ensuring that ARTCHO is an important part of our city for years to come.